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So far Leon Menkshi is the only news anchor in Albania capable of bilingual anchoring. His presence on screen was in daily basis, anchoring the news in Albanian and in English, mainly on prime time. These clips show a few sequences of Leon's anchoring on several occasions (regular and special editions with live coverage of special events); while below you can watch Leon anchoring news-programs in English in the Netherlands, where he specialized twice (in 2009 and 2014) through advanced master-courses about broadcast journalism  with a strong angle on multimedia.

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During his master classes in the Netherlands, Leon was able to sharpen up his program-making skills, as well as to polish up his news-anchoring and interviewing skills. Those specializations gave him the chance to visit some of the best TV channels and multimedia newsrooms in the Netherlands, and the unique opportunity to upgrade with the latest knowledge on the trends of multimedia productions.

The clips below show moments from news bulletins produced at RNW in Hilversum (The Netherlands) where Leon worked with a crew of talented TV professionals. The specializations in Hilversum aimed at combining radio &TV reporting skills with online-journalism (writing, posting, updating stories for websites, and also creating and maintaining a professional web-site).